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Feel Safe with Retter Industrial Workwear

Feel Safe with Retter Industrial Workwear

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  • Jan 01, 2020
Feel Safe with Retter Industrial Workwear

On the ground, jobs are prone to major accidents and threats. These dangerous jobs also have a threat to life, that is the only reason we manufacture Industrial Workwear in Delhi. To fulfill the employer’s needs and provide employees its safety. These safety requirements are fulfilled by bestowing the workers a piece of personal protection equipment in the form of Women and Men Workwear. Now, we know for a fact that different industries have different requirements for safety and being a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Industrial Work Clothes we are well versed with all the needful. That is why we keep on adding new specifications to our products and make sure they are produced with the latest machinery, high-quality raw materials and by having a strict eye on the production.

Our team is a group of experts that are trained to manufacture topstitched products. Here is a list of products that our team produces with all its integrity and hard work.

Fire Retardant Coverall

Fire retardant materials are used to produce the Flame Resistant Coverall, which is formulated with additives that reduce the flammability of the fabric and make it non-fired. Such chemicals help the fabric to turn into becoming a tar which slows the combustion level. So that your staff has enough time to escape safely and avoid serious injury.

Reflective Coverall

The "Hi-viz" indicates high visibility. These Reflective Coveralls have high luminous properties in low-light conditions that protect the workers from injuries and severe accidents. These coverings are covered with reflectors and high reflective properties.

Apart from that these Industrial Safety Workwear includes the following specifications:

  • Highly Luminous
  • Tear Resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Long-Lasting

Anti Static Coverall

If your work environment is susceptible to static shocks, then all you need is impact-resistant industrial safety workwear. In order to protect against all sorts of built-up static shocks, which can be dangerous especially if you deal with water or flammable liquids. One must take precautions by wearing Anti Static Coverall.

Retter workwear manufacture Anti-static Industrial Workwear in Delhi with the following specifications:

  • Protective Clothing
  • Electrostatic Properties
  • Protection from Harmful Substances
  • Shock-proof
  • Available in all sizes
  • Suits all skin types

Nomex Coverall

Nomex is one of the best fabrics with fire-resistance. It is used as a shield against fire and Nomex Coverall acts precisely as personal protective equipment which is fire retardant and heat resistant. When Retter Workwear designs its goods, it makes sure that it fulfills the industrial needs. This Industrial Workwear is also available with reflective tapes giving a luminous effect in Nomex coveralls by its high luminous properties.


  • High heat-protective
  • Available in all sizes
  • Elastic back waist
  • Available with 3M Reflective Tapes
  • Made of the best material
  • Topstitched

Safety Vest

A High Visibility Safety Vest is an integral part of personal protective equipment equipped for reflectability. Such safety reflective jackets are usually worn by airport workers, roadwork workers, pedestrians or construction workers.

Our safety vests are highly luminous, reflective, insulated and have reflective tapes on it. These vests are available in different bright colours that catch the attention easily.

Retter Workwear is now the best manufacturer of Industrial Workwear in Delhi. Serving various industries with quality products and reliability.

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