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Employees wearing a defined uniform showcases the true behaviour of the organization on the whole and what it serves. Hence it's pivotal to have these well designed uniforms in all the sectors including hospitals and hospitality sector. We, Retter workwear, are manufacturers and suppliers of uniforms ranging from, security, hospitality to health care, corporates, prisoners to hospital uniforms including lab coats and medical tunics. Being in the uniforms industry, we truly understand the requirements of our clients and cater to the needs in the best possible way. Our speciality and excellence have made us the top notch uniform manufacturers in India.

We present the art of fine tailoring & aesthetic perfection

We make high quality and affordable uniforms. We manufacture and make specially designed & aesthetic uniforms for hospitals, prisoner dresses, hospitality and also corporate uniforms. 

  • Our manufactured hospital uniforms include 
  1. lab coats - it is a loose-fitted coat having deep pockets usually worn in a laboratory or medical facility to protect against accidental spills. Lab coats are crafted with long sleeves. They are made of absorbent material, such as cotton, so that the person wearing it can be protected from the chemical or other contact infections.
  •  medical tunics - these tunics are a kind of coat or protective covering with enveloping layers. These tunics are especially one of the coats of a blood vessel or other tubular structure. 

We also offer quality nurse uniforms, housekeeping uniforms, patient and doctors scrub which comes with comfort and durability. 

  1. Hospitality uniforms - We also attain the best position of uniform manufacturers when it comes to the high in class hospitality uniforms including 
  • chef apron - apron is something you wear over your clothes to protect yourself from the mess you make while you're cooking. Bakers, chefs, and butchers usually wear aprons to keep their clothing clean. .
  • chef coats - a chef coat is designed to keep the chef safe while cooking. Chef coats are made of high quality, double thick cotton, usually fire resistant. 

We give high importance equally to the hospitality industry as it creates the first impression about a hotel/restaurant/cafe. We, at Retter workwear, make it possible by offering a wide range in terms of design, colour and fabric. 

  1. Prisoner uniforms - We also possess excellence when it comes to specialised prisoner uniforms. A prison uniform is the unified outward appearance of detainees during imprisonment. These uniforms include a visually distinct garment, worn by an incarcerated person instead of his individual civilian clothes.
  2. Corporate uniforms - We manufacture the unique corporate uniforms including corporate pants and shirts, in various patterns such as stripes, checks, and solids. We offer a wide range of office uniforms to dress up today's men for office with elegance and unique style. We offer our clients a choice of Corporate Dress, which are produced particularly for office wear. These corporate uniforms are perfect to be worn by men and women, and suffice for all formal occasions and business meetings as the uniform code.
  • corporate pants - corporate pants are totally a workwear well designed for your comfort and ease.
  • corporate shirts - A Corporate T Shirt truly represents your company and is designed using quality branded shirts. Craftsmanship plays an important role in the presentation of your design.

Buy best and preferred uniforms at affordable prices

We, at Retter workwear, are reputed uniform manufacturers, exporters and suppliers ranging from, hospitality to health care, prisoners to guards, well defined corporate wear, promotional wear uniforms and a whole lot more. Timely delivery of uniforms is something that we take up very seriously and ensure all our clients. For the convenience of our clients and to gain their interests, we maintain ready made uniforms stock and fabric stock. Looking for quality uniforms at an economical pricing? Get in touch with us and we will do the needful by making available the quality uniforms at the best industry prices. We understand that a uniform is a true mirror to who you are and what you serve. Our quality uniforms and best and comfortable fabrics have made us the best industrial uniform suppliers in India.

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