Fabrics we use

Fabrics we use

Fabrics we use

Retter Workwear is the most reliable manufacturer in India. We are using these types of fabric for our Workwear products:

100% Cotton Fabric:

We made our products such as work pants trousers, shirts, Bibs, Jackets, and T-Shirts with 100% cotton fabric. This wearer provides complete protection from UV rays. Various designs and colours are available which is very useful in summers. This fabric absorbs all sweat of your body. Since it is soft and easy to wear, a fabric made entirely of cotton has some unique properties. It is eco-friendly. Cotton is a purely natural material that gives an attractive look. 

Polyester Cotton Fabric:

This polyester-cotton fabric is a mix ratio of 65% of Cotton and 35% of polyester. These blends are very popular. The combination of cotton and polyester fabric is less prone to pilling and static. It is more wrinkle-free. Polyester fabric is non-breathable as compared to cotton fabric. But this polyester cotton fabric is breathable and tear-resistant. This fabric workwear shirt and t-shirt is lightweight. Its texture is slightly silkier than cotton. Polyester is normally much less expensive than 100% cotton because it is not relying on the forces of nature for a good harvest.

98% Cotton and 2% Antistatic Fabric:

Work Pants trousers are designed with 98% cotton and 2% Anti Static Fabric. Anti Static fabrics are designed to prevent ElectroStatic Discharge(ESD). This fabric will protect you from discharges with a spark when you touch a metallic piece and are widely used in thermal processes such as gas power plants, iron melting shops and Glassmaking units. It has outstanding antistatic properties as well as improved longevity and breathability because 98% of cotton is included in this fabric. 


While wearing work Bibs and Jackets then this fabric wearer will protect you from flame resistance property which is embedded in the yarn used to create the fabric. It also provides lifelong and constant protection to the wearer. This fire retardant fabric is treated with lots of chemicals before dispatch. While wearing this fabric will look and feel just like natural ones. 93% Meta Aramid 5% Para Aramid 2% Anti Static Fabric widely used for IFR Clothing


Pyrovatex has a 70 to 100 wash life cycle. It can withstand a flash fire for 3 or 4 seconds and protects against 1 and 2-degree burns. Work Pants and T-shirt gives a flame-retardant finish for cellulose fiber textiles and fabric blends of up to 25% synthetic content. It is designed for staff who are exposed to heat and flame. This fabric is soft, breathable and maintains a high level of protection even after multiple wash cycles also. It can be used in Chemical handling or Electrical Engineering fields or firefighting roles.


When exposed to UV light, Proban fabrics retain their vitality, colour, and flame retardant properties. Work Bibs fabric creates an insulating char when exposed to flame, which can help protect the wearer. The Flame-retardant properties are tested on a regular basis and independently, as well as several washing and drying cycles. Solvay proban fabrics are free of halogens and antimony.

Dupont Nomex IIIA Fabric:

Dupont Nomex IIIA fabric gives workers dependable protection from fire hazards. This fabric of cloth such as Work pant trousers, Bibs, jackets, shirts and T-shirts is durable and resistant to abrasion, tears, and chemicals. They are widely used by petroleum, chemical, and utility industries, as well as firefighters. It is a flame-proof, high-temperature-resistant fiber that does not melt or drip when exposed to heat. It provides additional strength and structural integrity.

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